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How to install the Unlocker

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I just bought and downloaded the unlocker for Poweramp. I had the trial version installed. But I get no feedback if my version is now unlocked.. when I look into the Poweramp settings in the About/Legal Section it says at the version still "1.2-build-330 Time Limited Trial".. When I go in the settings of the phone and look at the application list, there is just one Power Amp shown.. But when I clicked the unlocker version in the market, I got a download after the click..

So do I just have the feeling that it is still not unlocked, or is it really still the locked trial version and it should show something different in the About / Legal Section after the "upgrade"?

Looking forward to your answer! And yes, your player is definitely the best player for android, I tried a lot!! ;)

Regards, Sebsemilla

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Thanks for the purchase.

If it shows Time Limited Trial - it means PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker is not installed on your phone.

Please ensure you have PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker installed on your phone (can be verified via Android Settings => Application => Manage Application, it should be there).

If not, please install it and ensure it's in the Manage Applications list.

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