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after unlocker random BT to car behavior


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Hello, new to power amp, checked some of the post for an answer and found one similar but not quite the same.
No resume upon BT connect: started my Motivator. andrewilley was forum moderator

I tried his solution that worked for him to clear the blue tooth data but it did not work for me. I installed power-amp and it worked flawlessly for the trial period. Getting in and out of car Bluetooth started and stopped very consistently with no problem. As soon as it prompted me for the unlock-er now it reacts randomly getting in and out of car. Some of the random results are, getting into car pause buttons won't work on radio until the first time i use them on the app screen on phone, sometimes when i turn off the car it just starts playing on the phone until i unlock the phone and pause it, You never know if it will start playing when I turn on the car or if it will connect and then pause, at this point sometimes pause works to start playing and sometimes have to press play on the phone to get pause buttons on radio to work. Could I have used the unlocker incorrectly somehow that created my problems? I have not installed any other apps or ran any updates. Its only been a few days since i unlocked it.

For the record, this app rocks, this bluetooth behavior will not stop me using it i just work around it. But if someone had any suggestions that might help me I would appreciate any feedback. I suspect there is a solution since it was working great.

Thanks in advance.

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