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Tidy up album view


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Hey folks i brought the premium version of Poweramp a while ago and soemhing that has always bugged me is the album view and im wondering if there is anything i can do to improve it?

For example i Red Hot Chill Peppers and its two cds so i get Red Hot Chill Peppers Hyde Park CD1, Red Hot Chill Peppers Hyde Park CD2 is their any way to have it Red Hot Chill Peppers Hyde Park > CD1/CD2 or am i stuck with how it is unless i combine the tracks to one folder? (id like to add other chilli peppers albums to that folder then so all chillipepers are located there if that makes sense)

Something else i have noticed is that two various albums i have (1track 3 cds) are displayed differently
Godskitchen Anthems 2009
VA - 3 Songs

then i have
Drum and Base Arena cd1
VA - 1 Song

Drum and Base Arena cd2
VA - 1 Song

Drum and Base Arena cd3
VA - 1 Song

Is there anyway to combine them like the Godskitchen Anthems? Its makeing my list larger than it needs to be.

Any help and advice is appreciated, and sorry if this been asked before, i just had no idea what to search for. (album sorting, album fixing, ?)

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At present, Poweramp does not check the Disc# tag, so currently the best way to kept the track sorting order correct is to use the title  "Album Title Disc 1", "Album Title Disc 2", etc method.

Either that or use folder/filename sorting, which is what I do. I name the tracks as "1-01 Title.mp3", "1-02 Title.mp3", and then for the second disc "2-01 Title.mp3", "2-02 Title.mp3", etc. I'm just an old-school control freak though, :)


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