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Hello, i come from Germany, i hope you understand where my problem is.

I use Poweramp 703 (64bit) in a Galaxy S7 and there are many problems what it make un-useble to use, if i Play a Song a d Go back, the app close and No going back to list, next Problem, if i now go to list of Alben, Poweramp don't let me see what a Album are playing now. If i now use back Key, Poweramp will close, if i now go to Alben list, what for a Album are playing now? There are many little options, what it make un un-useble and its easyer to use PlayerPro or other.

Why not Sleep-Timer for hear Books -or Musik and why not a Alarm clock in it that i can use Poweramp as Alarm clock too.

I use Poweramp from beginning and i don't know how many years are going now, i realy Disappointed that Poweramp don't integrate so easy to integrate options.

I am Beta Tester too and if i see the Beta App, i don't think that it will come new Features in future.

Why not integrate via Plugin a Icecast or other Radio stations too? 

Look to KODi, wi like a Poweramp if i can place Repos where Users can Upload own Plugins for Free , thats nice and you have it easyer.

At the moment its harder to use Poweramp without problems as without and so i must use other Player too why nothing can all.

Please understand me right, its a nice Player but so many years its ever to Buggy .

I hope that the devs will look for options where be possible and what not.

Thanks for your hard work.

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There is an API which lets third-party developed apps interact with Poweramp, but that's not quite the same as plugins of course.

There is a Sleep Timer already (703 has a minor bug which means you can only set an time limit, the 'finish playing current track' option does not work correctly at the moment).

To get back to the song list (Album, Folder, etc) from the Player screen, just tap on the Song Title area just below the cover art. If you want to see the song within a different list (for example if you are playing in Album mode, but you want to view as all songs from that particular Artist instead), simply long-press on that same area and choose from the list.

The Back button is designed to exit from the app interface (just like most other apps do). You can use Settings > Look and Feel > General > Startup Screen to change the screen PA starts in, and hence the screen within which pressing the Back button will exit the app interface.  


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