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Unknown artists bug?

Brandon W

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Recently updated to the alpha build and have noticed that some of my songs have lost their  artist tags which were there previously in 588 and my default music player. Might be an issue with tag reading because for some of the songs it still recognises album name. If you know of a solution or i am missing something please let me know.

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I too am having issues with tags. I use wmp on my pc...running windows 10 and Poweramp v 2.0210-build-588-uni (full version)

In WMP I see all the tagging and album info is correct but in PA I have dozens of albums that are dumped into a single unknown artist folder. 

Adding some detail...now that I am looking a bit deeper...looks like a very arbitrary thing. When looking at songs...there is a huge folder (~>450 songs) in an "Unknown" folder. When looking at "Albums" there is an album titled "Unknown album". What I find very odd is that double disc rip (Elvis Costello) has disc #2 appearing as expected in the directorys...songs and albums, however disc#1 is one of the unknowns, dumped into this huge unknown folder?

Thanks in advance


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I am on alpha build 703-play (full version).

Also having Unknown artist bug.  All of my albums are showing up as by Unknown artist.

The individual tracks inside the albums have the correct artists name, it's just when viewing 'Albums' or'Artists'>'Albums'


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