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Add compressor/expander feature

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One of your competitors, Stelio (my second fave music player app behind Poweramp), offers a second set of effects with one being a sound compressor that works much like the type radio stations use. I absolutely love this feature and would like to see it offered in the upcoming release. The other suggestions I've read in this forum are all very good. Imagine how crazy good this app can become. It's already great, now it's time to skip over the attitude of "planned obsolescence" and uncork the full potential of this amazing and useful app. 

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You mean companding, which squashes the dynamic range of the audio and brings everything to the same sort of (false) level? Kinda the opposite of Max's goal to make Poweramp the best quality and most accurate audio player on the market... but then I guess the same applies to requests for pitch modification and tempo control.


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