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Que and playlists

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Hello.  Is there some way to delete the whole que or do you have to delete each individual track?  How do you play a playlist only? I selected the playlist I wanted but it keeps going back to the whole track list.  Thanks!!!

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To delete the whole queue, go into the Library > Queue view, tap Menu and select "Clear Q".

You can multi-delete items from the queue or a playlist by choosing the same Menu and selecting the "Delete" option, then multi-select whatever you want before pressing the final Delete button at the bottom of the list.

A playlist should continue playing until the end of the list, and then what happens next depends on what 'Repeat' mode you have enabled (using the icon in the lower-left of the player screen). The default mode is Advance List (which will simply continue on to the next list) but you can also turn Repeat mode Off (in which case playback will stop at the end) or set to Repeat List.

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