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Albums with different covers for different tracks

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First off- I've been using Poweramp for years and love it, but I have one longstanding very minor pet peeve. Sometimes an album has different art for different tracks (for example, if you get some albums from Bandcamp, the files comes with different art for each track). In the player screen, this shows up fine for each track. However, in the Library screens, the artwork of the last track is always the one to display, when usually in these cases, the first track has the album cover and the artwork is different for the others. In other cases, a bonus track at the end may have different art, and the same thing happens, with the last track's art showing in the library rather than the album art from the first track. My suggestion would be, for these newer versions of Poweramp, that the first track's art be the default artwork in the library screens.


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I suspect there isn't any specific logic at play doing this, it's just the order the files happen to be found within the file system. Each time a new piece of art is found during a scan, it is being stored as the artwork for the relevant album, overriding anything that was previously present. This would mean that the most recent cover art found (i.e. which most often would be the last track) is used for the overall album's artwork.

As long as you don't want to use filename sorting for your display, you might be able to force this by making sure that the track that you want to be used has a filename starting with something that will force it to the end (perhaps add a "zz" at the beginning of the filename?) and also make sure that it is the last file that is copied into the given folder (i.e. copy all of the other tracks into a new folder empty first, then copy the one you want to force the artwork for). If necessary, clear the album art cache and rescan and see what happens. It's worth a try to prove the theory if nothing else.


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