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Poweramp replays last track on reconnect

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i use Poweramp V2.0.10-build-588-play.

The options "continue play on bluetooth" and "Headset Disconnect" are set, and this works.

But I've noticed that if i play an album to the end and disconnect the phone from bluetooth, the last track is replayed every time the phone reconnects to bluetooth. This also happens if normal headphones (via cable) are used.

How can i prevent Poweramp from replaying the last track? (think it's a bug :) )


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If you have got PA set to start playback on app start (via Poweramp Settings > Audio > Audio Focus > Resume on Start) then it will begin playing from where you last got to. If you've finished/stopped playback, rather than paused mid-track, it will be waiting at the start of last last track so that's where playback will commence.


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