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High res and custom roms


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Maybe I'm missing something that was posted, or I missed a setting, but I have issues with high res output only. 

Some basic information:

HTC m9 Android 5.0.1

Custom rom: Viper one 5.3.0

The latest Poweramp beta version. 

Issue: whenever I enable high res output, Poweramp gets very laggy and unresponsive. Media also refuses to play. I also hear speaker "popping"  noises. Oddly enough, this also affects my stock player, where my stock player refuses to play media as well. But what confuses me the most is that high res was working fine when I was using Viper one 4.3.0, so for some reason, upgrading it to 5.3.0 ruined high res support. I guess my question is if there is some fix to this? Or should I just wait for an update of some sort/ downgrade if I want high res output. Thank you. 


Extra Note: every other setting works fine, Viper one just has a problem with high res only. Everything else works perfectly. 


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