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Headphones Start / Stop button opens another App


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Everytime i use the Poweramp app and i want to pause the song i press the one button I have on my AKG headphones. The music then stops and asap i want to start it again i press the same button again. But the porblem then is that it opens the standart program and plays other music. 

I found out that i works sometimes when I lock my screen when Im still in Poweramp and i also have to forcestop the other music app. 

The problem occurs on my ONEPLUS3. 

If you have found a setting that I oversaw please tell me. 




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1 hour ago, andrewilley said:

You could try making sure the background service stays in memory via Poweramp Settings > Misc > Tweaks . Otherwise it sounds like a ROM issue, you could try Force Sop / Disabling the stock music player in your device's Application Manager.


I checked and I already had this option enabled. So searched a bit in the internet and found another app "Headset Button Controler" that lets me choose Poweramp as default music player. Sadly, i cannot disable the stock music player on my phone. I can force stop it but it will launch right back on. 


For me this problem is solved with a 3rd party app, so if any1 else has this problem, you might wanna change the settings as Andre said. If this also doesnt work try it with one of the many apps - this is how it worked for me. 


Greetings and thanks for the help, 



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