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AMR - Visual Voicemail Support


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Poweramp lacks the ability to play Visual Voicemail files (AMR extension). It has been requested in the past on this forum - but the moderators responses have been "but what is need for Poweramp music player to read and play AMR? " and "it seems appallingly bad quality."

So why include a poor quality speech file format for a "music player"? Simply, VVM is a standard feature on newer Verizon phones. Not being able to play the files means having to load a second audio player on the phone, when it would be so much finer to have the best music player be the best audio player so I can listen to all my audio.

Thanks for your consideration.

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I agree but for the reasons that I have, it would not to be to listen to music but instead to voice.

1. Many texting apps use the amr format. Playing these voice files would be nice. 

2. It's the smallest clear format for voice. This clears up storage on the local device, some which have no sdcard or perhaps the cloud storage access transfer is over cell data and wifi is not available.

3. Converting mp3 or aac, or better yet wav files to amr can be done with enormous reductions in storage for those who are not listening to music. Yes it is probably horrible for music. 

However, vocal reading of texts, old answering machine recording, prayers, preaching, instructional teachings, etc. It is a viable option as a small yet fairly clear audio format.

4. Do you really think people who are listening on a mobile device speakers are audiophiles? No, the point simply needs to get across to the listener.


I don't mean to be snarky if I came across that way, but many moderator has asked why in years past, but no one to date has given any of these reasons that I have seen.

Thank you 

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I have no idea if Max plans to support this format (unlikely I would have thought) however I do know that his emphasis is for Poweramp to be the ultimate music player, supporting high resolution output (e.g. 24bit, 192kHz) and lossless formats like FLAC.

I do agree that very few people using an app like Poweramp would be expecting to use their phone's tiny loudsqueaker for much though!


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