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Media Player Playlist Sync


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First of all - awesome player!!! Paid for it without question - totally rocks!!

Ok - now that I've "schmoozed" you :)...One question...

I've tried DoubleTwist and it was ok...but...it seemed to sync the playlists to my android (Fender MyTouch 2.2.1 now), but then I really liked just using Windows Media Player. Long story short...both of those programs installed at once create issues as they seem to duplicate .mp3's for various reasons.

Ok - long story really short...I moved my music to a new computer and now only run Windows Media Player 11.(something)

Everything seems ok except for playlists.

If I create them in WMP it doesn't sync to the phone...if I create them on the phone - it doesn't sync back.

Now, I haven't fully tested everything as I'm a bit new to all of this, but I will add this...I am a computer tech...so I like to troubleshoot. Unfortunately, I'm a bit new to phones/music/and this app.

I guess my question is complicated...Am I doing something wrong? Does it not sync with WMP playlists? Am I missing something?

Any help would rock as this player is so good...I'm never switching!! I would just love to understand it a bit better.

Thanks so much in advance.

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