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Force auto-advance from queue, also when repeat list is enabled

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Hi guys.

I love Poweramp and have been using it for years. It has truly transformed my phone into a modern day walkman.

I have a feature request to ask you to take into consideration:
For a while now, there's been a disconnect between my intuition and how Poweramp behaves.
My problem is with the Queue.

Usually, I listen to music using custom playlists on repeat. But I often find myself wanting to sprinkle the playback with single plays of one or more tracks.
These tracks I will put in the Queue, only to encounter the issue discussed here:

What I request is an option to treat the queue differently from other lists. An "Auto-Advance from Queue - And I mean It!" setting, so to speak ;)
-Only play through the queue once, then resume playback of the previous list - regardless of the repeat/advance list setting, which I don't expect to apply to the queue.
-It would also be nice the have the queue auto-cleared once it's done.


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