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How to properly use the hi-res part..


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phone: galaxy s7 exynos

status: hi-res part seems to work (not in the way I expect).



I just want to have a bit-perfect playback from my phone. Example: a 16/44.1 song has to be processed directly at 16/44.1 without any resampling/processing; same approach for a 24/88.2, 24/96... the player should recognise the "song format" and dynamically offer me the best-playback-match (ideally bit-perfect).

Instead when I use the Poweramp hi-res output the bit-depth is always 24 (no way to set it to 16?) and I have to select a sample-rate between 44.1 and 192... 

I would like that power-amp automatically gives me a bit-perfect playback without any manual intervention, is it possible?


thanks in adavnce

cheers from italy

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