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I keep getting the message that Poweramp can't verify purchase... and have to uninstall and reinstall Poweramp app and Poweramp unlocker. I always get this on my tablet when I'm nowhere near Wi-Fi and can't listen to my music. I've had to do this a few times now and I have paid for this app. It's very annoying. What can I do to fix this?

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I have followed that. It's always messes up on me. I have gone through the steps and then after listening to Poweramp for a week to two weeks I am off somewhere I can't get internet access and need to listen to some music I go to click on the icon, listen to a few seconds then,BAM! No music for you. It is really getting annoying because I have gone through the trouble of getting the gift card and add it to my account, then spend money on it to buy it.i have had to uninstall and reinstall it a few dozen times now. I have even reformated and started with a clean slate and I'm going up the mountain basically in a black hole and BAM! I have nothing, and the media player on the tablet is just as useless cause I have to go through so many step to set it up and it won't play most of my FLAC files. Tell me what to do to fix this cause I really dig this app. It's filled the hole WinZip left. Tell me what to do cause I am tech literate.

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