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Make Poweramp Default Music App Marshmallow 6.0.1

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I just upgraded my Galaxy S5 (G900A) to Marshmallow 6.0.1., from Lollipop. The default app functionality from Lollipop seems to be broken in marshmallow. I've tried making Poweramp the default app in app manager and default apps without success. The default apps list does not have Poweramp listed.  I disabled Google play music. There's also a "music" app which cannot be disabled. Nothing has worked. Is there a limitation or bug in Marshmallow? Your help is appreciated.

Edit: I messed around with mx player permissions and I was able to choose it as default for my video player. So far no success with Poweramp. Surely someone out there has come across this and can add to the dialogue. I am on stock marshmallow, no root. Will Poweramp v 3 fix this?


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I have the same problem on my ATT Note 4.  

The 6.0.1 Android upgrade was pushed out to us in early November.  Since then, I can't select Poweramp as my default app for mp3 files.  The only selections for the default app are Google Music and Amazon Music.

Can you advise?



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I don't know of a solution to this particular issue on 6.x ROMs, but you shouldn't actually need to pass Poweramp a filename to play, it's meant to be completely Library based and hyou choose songs within Poweramp rather than within a file explorer app.


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