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Audio ducking leads to pause music

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Hi folks,

I filed a bug report before and I just want to provide the issue in this forum too.

I´m using a Tanix TX5pro TV box in my car with Android 6.01, rooted, but stock ROM. As launcher is used AutoMate which is able to respond to incoming messages by voice.

Poweramp version: 2.0.10 Build 588

The issue I have is, that TTS pauses Poweramp instead of reducing the volume.

The new way speech output is handled in AutoMate is by "audio ducking", meaning the music will not pause but rather volume down while AutoMate is speaking. It's up to the media app to handle audio focus loss, so in this case if Poweramp doesn't play again after regaining audio focus, I am inclined to think Poweramp isn't handling this properly. AutoMate doesn't send play/pause commands anymore when speech is active, rather it just requests audio focus.

Hopefully this can be fixed...



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