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Poweramp Quality Test: Underwater Audio headphones


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Good Morning Poweramp users,

Today I have a quick quality test review for you. The kind folks at Underwater Audio sent us a copy of their many waterproof headphones for us to experience and give you guys an honest review. I used these headphones for over two weeks while traveling, swimming, and jumping into waterfalls and I must tell you, they truly are waterproof. When it came to experiencing the real Poweramp quality, these headphones were able to reproduce the highs and lows accurately. They sounded fantastic underwater, and while it does not have overly strong bass as I am used to, I would very much recommend these for active people. 



Audio reproduction: 7/10

Price for quality: 9/10

Usability: 9/10

Recommendation: Yes if you're an active individual that want to experience music above and below water (to an extend). 

Learn more about them

Products tests: Swim buds and iPod shuffle bundle

Tests with: Google Nexus 6P


If there is a device you would like for us to test and give you an honest review about, reply below. 

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