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Expand to full album from filtered results


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After some songs are filtered, either from Artists, or Albums, or anyway, it would be nice to be able to see the full list of songs of that album or that artist, or that genre

It could be an option from the context menu to expand to Album/Artist/Genre

Example, to make myself clear: You want to listen to the album where the "Baby, my Love" song is, but you don't remember the Album's name

So you filter the songs and find the song "Baby, my Love" and from there you want to go directly to full album list

(same goes for Artists, Genre, etc.)

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I could not find this feature by searching, thanks for bringing it up!!

I just tried it and it has one drawback:

   You have to play the song to have access to this "long press" it cannot be done from the filtered results, so it is not very useful when you are browsing to make a playlist

Still, it is pretty close to what I wanted, it beats having to search the container album manually.

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