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Poweramp under Marshmallow doesn´t recognize any SD card

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I am using the paid version 2.010-build-588-play of Poweramp on an Ulefone Paris 
with Android 6 MM.
Previously I used a different phone with Android 5.1.
I reinstalled the Poweramp app and the Poweramp unlocker and verified my purchase.
So far so good.
I tried to convince Poweramp to scan the internal and the "external" SD card memory 
but the program refuses to recognize neeither the internal nor the external memory.
The built in music player has no problem whatsoever.
Additionally, everytime when I start up my phone in the morning Poweramp comes up 
with the "testversion will expire blabla". So it is also unable to "write" the 
verified license to some memory.
And yes, the program has write access to the telephone as well as the memory.
And no, the SD card is not as adoptable storage configured just as mass storage, 
anyway the issue is with the internal memory too.
I guess it has something to do how Google has changed the access to the sd cards 
in MM again but I can´t change anything about that.
So hopefully you can fix something on the app side.
I will try other music players to see how they work and post the results. 


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When you first set it up, did you set the SD Card as portable storage, or internal storage? Internal sometime seems to cause problems with the symbolic 'folder' name that Android assigns to the card, portable is closer to the original concept of an SD Card being treated as an external drive.


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