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Export playlist to media store or Show album art for every music files

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I'd love to arrange my playlists but some of my music titles and artist are japanese, so sometimes I don't really know what song is this unless I can see the album art.

And to counter this, I build my playlist outside Poweramp and then I import them. But sometimes I play some random music with Poweramp and put them in the playlist i've made before. The problem is when I want to rearrange playlist, I have export them and import the exported playlists to media storage using 3rd party app, and that's a hassle.

So can you add feature to export playlist directly to media storage or make album art visible for every music file, or both!

Thank you

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The next release of New Playlist Manager can export all your Poweramp playlists to android media storage. On albumart, if you apply your albumart to the actual mp3 file it would be visible at all times.

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