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Queue - Option to clear already played

Mike Loux

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I'm pretty impressed with what Poweramp has for features; well worth the $4.  I would love to have an option to clear already-played items in the queue.  So, basically, if I have 50 items in my queue, and I'm on song 35, selecting this option would remove items 1 through 34.  

I tend to add stuff to my queue as I am playing songs, and I would like to remove stuff as it is played to keep the queue down to a manageable level, but manually removing more than a handful of items can be slow and tedious (I can remove 2 items, then I have to wait, then 2 more items, wait some more, and so on).  As it is now, I typically wait until the queue is finished, then "Clear Q" and start from scratch.  Which works, but this would be way cooler.  

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