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Not all mp3 files will be played


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I've start a test of Poweramp.

I've the problem that some mp3 files don't will play. I'm owning a Z3 and the Sony player and google will play this files fine.

The files are downloaded by google play or Amazon.


The next issue is, if I will add some files to a folder and I will press at folders on reload I will found all files at twice.

I will explain:

One folder is named "Songs" with 20 different files but all tagged as compilation with the same album-name.

If I will add 10 songs with the same album-name and press reload - Poweramp will list 50 songs not 30. Why?



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What do you mean by 'press reload' ? Poweramp should pick new stuff in any folders that you have selected for scanning, automatically.

When you say some songs won't play, do they show up in Poweramp's library screen but when you try to play them they skip, or do they not get scanned into the library at all?


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