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Different EQ-Profiles for different BT-Devices

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Hello Folks, i've been using Poweramp for quite a while now, and props to the mighty devs, you did a very good job!

So my suggestion : There are more and more small boomboxes on the market, same with bt-headphones and so on. Recently i really have to switch my EQ-Settings pretty often, depending on what devices i connect to. It would be a great feature, if one could set different EQ-Profiles for different BT-devices.

example :

Profile 1 : Sonos Play : little boost in the upper bass, little boost for the treble

Profile 2 : Wireless Headset, a little bit of boost for the midrange

Profile 3 : Home stereo, smooth EQ.

Would be a fckin great feature to see in further developed versions of Poweramp!

Best Regards,


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