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Sound Quality tweak for Asus Zenfone 3 Max

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Hi, I just bought Zenfone 3 Max the output of sound is not what I expected from the previous phone I had (Sony M2 Dual) which sounds amazing..I'm running marshmallow. anyone knows a workaround? is my phone that cannot support hi quality? or is it Poweramp? Thanks

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Sorry, this is a really really late reply. 


There is a list of smartphones that support the high res output, unfortunately, it's not "complete" as there are phones that will work with it, but aren't on the list. As far as I'm aware, your Sony phone is most likely compatible with the high res output, as the z5 and z3 were, the zenfone, I'm not too sure. 

Either way, it sounds like there's a big difference in music quality between the two phones. I'm skeptical that there is a big difference between high res and default output. By going back to the stable version, you'll know that the music player works fine with your phone, so if audio sounds bad on the zenfone, you'll know that your phone has a bad dac or output. If the music sounds fine, then it's a compatability issue between your phone and Poweramp. Or... You just need to get used to the sound signature of your zenfone? Or just play around with the equalizer.

That's all I can say as I'm just a guy who likes music and listen to details, I'm no audiophile that can easily distinguish between Flac and mp3... 

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