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Is track (audio) compression possible?


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I was wondering if it's possible, maybe within some sort of DSP function, to run some sort of fast audio compression on a track within Poweramp?

I appreciate something like this eats the CPU and will most likely cause distortion that some users may pick up on. However, if there was a hard and fast compression with a user selectable "aggressiveness" setting that adjusts how much clipping it produces (i.e. how high it pushes the frequencies) it would probably work.

Maybe a "pre-run" option could be available that could compute a better, less distortion prone or more customisable, settings table for each track, so each track could have it's own own frequency peaks pre-calculated so less calculations are required on the fly.

Of course, this in turn would/could increase the volume for users which seems to be a permanent request.

EDIT: Some default profiles should also probably be offered, ones that vary the amount of compression added or boost different areas.

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