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Cover art in lock screen


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If I use the logo for a certain musician/band as the cover art of their song, but those logos deviate too much from being a square, e.g. originally 600x200 pixels, when it is displayed in the Poweramp lock screen, it will be compressed horizontally and elongated vertically into 200x600, and a 800x300 will be displayed as 300x800 etc. This only occur in the lock screen but not in-app, and this issue only appears in Alpha build but not in the official build for both of my phones (HTC One(M7) and HTC 10), and those cover arts are inserted into the song file using a tag-editing software (e.g. Mp3tag).

Edit: I have included the screenshots to better illustrate my point. The phone is HTC 10 and the version of Poweramp is alpha build 703. The 1st screenshot show how it's like with in-app player, and the one below shows how the cover art is deformed in lock-screen.



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