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Dealbreaking features for me


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So I've been debating between Poweramp and other media apps.

There are a few dealbreaking features, that would push me towards purchasing Poweramp, namely:

1) Text-box library search

2) Star ratings

Now I know those two are said to be implemented in the update, and I can wait for them, but could someone tell me if the rest are already implemented, or included in the next updates? Or neither?!

3) Auto playlists (Recently played, Most played, Recently added etc)

4) Volume keys as next/previous track (i.e. hold volume UP for next track, volume down for previous)

5) Jump to library from lock-screen widget when album art is clicked

6) Columns in "All Songs" list to arrange list by Title/Artists (like in your regular Winamp or Windows media player on the PC)


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Thanks for the feedback/requests.

1. You can press hardware Search button in any of PowerAMP lists (or long press menu button, if you have no hardware Search button), and just start typing

to filter/search a list.

2, 3. planned - viewtopic.php?f=1&t=172

4. (stock) Android doesn't send volume key presses to background apps or when screen is off.

This is possible on some non-stock ROMs, or via rooting the phone and using key remapping apps

(for example, http://www.appbrain.com/app/buttonremap ... onremapper).

5. not sure if it will be a jump, but 2 mode slider is planned, one of the sliding position will be go to PowerAMP.

6. do you mean some dynamic sorting based on this fields?

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