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Please add option for volume normalization


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Please add option for volume normalization. We have been asking for years. I still use your software because its the best.  Dont make me have to clutter up my android with some 2nd rate software please. I and others look forward to this feature being added in an upcoming update.



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Poweramp supports replay gain which is similar to Normalization - as long as your songs have been tagged with replay gain info (Winamp, Foobar, etc, can do this) Poweramp will 'normalize' the music when replay gain is enabled.

On-the-fly normalization tends to be hit-and-miss so I can see why it's not implemented.

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On 2/17/2017 at 6:39 AM, KOB said:

So I need a 3rd party tagging software to enjoy volume normalization?

That depends on whether your MP3 files are already tagged correctly with ReplayGain values or not. Some ripping programs do it automatically, some don't.

However ReplayGain is not quite the same as normalisation. Normalisation is generally an 'on the fly' adjustment process, which tweaks the volume dynamically as a track progresses. It makes the quieter passages louder and the louder passages softer, which changes the music from the intended studio mix. ReplayGain on the other hand finds the maximum peak level over the whole track (or album if you encode it that way) and applies an overall boost or reduction to the whole track (or tracks) so that the peak section gets placed at the maximum output level for that device, but the rest of the song's volume is still kept accurately in proportion (actually the default volume is to set it slightly lower than maximum, for example to allow some headroom for EQ controls to work without distortion, about 14dB lower than digital full-scale from memory, but you can overside that in Poweramp's settings if you just want it louder). See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReplayGain


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