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OK, what exactly is a "list"?


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From the FAQ:  "Any list (folder, user playlist, album, artist, etc.) can be played with following modes".  The etc. is sort of vague.  Is everything on the Library screen a list?

It might be faster just to use an example.  If my library contains 2 albums by Foo called A-Foo and Z-Foo in a folder called Foo-stuff, and 1 album by Bar called B-Bar in a folder called Bar-stuff, plus a Poweramp playlist called ALL containing all 3 albums, how many "lists" is that?

If I choose shuffle mode "Lists (aka Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order)", what will be played?

If I understand this correctly, Poweramp will randomly choose one of six "lists" -- Folders, All Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres, and Playlists -- play it according to the logic below, then move on to another of the six.

(Folders) go through each folder alphabetically (Bar-stuff then Foo-stuff), and play everything it in alphabetical order by filename;

(All Songs) play all songs from all 3 albums in alphabetical order;

(Albums) play the albums in alphabetical order (A-Foo then B-Bar then Z-Foo), with songs in track order;

(Artists) play all songs by Bar in alphabetical order, then all songs by Foo in alphabetical order;

(Genres) take first genre alphabetically and play all songs in it in alphabetical order, then next genre, etc.

(Playlists) play the ALL playlist in alphabetical order.

Meaning that if you choose "Lists (aka Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order)" on my example, it will eventually play each song 6 times.

Also, is "Queue" a list?  Are "Top Rated" or "Recently Added"?

thanks, Karl

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Yes, basically everything in the Library screen is a type of "list", it is a term used to cover the multiple playback options within Poweramp such as Folders, Albums, Artists, Genres, Playlists, etc.

So if you enable "Repeat List" or "Shuffle List" then the current playback mode would indicate what is going to get repeated or shuffled.

For example, let's say you are using Albums playback mode (so in that case, 'List' means Album). When you select "Shuffle Lists, Songs in Order" you would get a random album chosen, and then all of the songs within it would be played in order, then a new album would be picked at random and all of its songs would be played in order. If you chose "Shuffle Songs, Lists in Order", then the album titles would be played in sequence, but the songs within those albums would be played in random order.

The queue is a special list, and it does not follow the normal shuffle rules unless you have opted for it to do so in Settings (but it does follow the Repeat rules). The others you mention are also lists, but as they have no sub-layers then many of the various shuffle/repeat options are not meaningful.


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