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replay gain

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read that you want to implement replay gain in Poweramp. good stuff!

if you do replay gain, then i have a request. could you implement preamp the way it is done in foobar2000? what i really would like is to have the processing option available for replay gain in foobar, specifically the "apply gain, and prevent clipping according to peak" mode. ideally this should be implemented before the eq processing, so you can amplify the input as much as possible without distortion before eq. then a limiter or preferably a compressor built into the eq, and distortions are a thing of the past, no?

what do you think? is it worth a go?

ps: your thoughts on my last post:


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Hi, thanks for request.

While limiter is planned, a compressor is not (it will change sound and is not needed). Note that like 95% of tracks are normalized and any equalizer frequency band amplification requires negative preamp to avoid the clipping.

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i see, but right now i have preamp at max + eq amplification in order to get decent sound level on the street.

so, will you try to implement the apply gain and prevent clipping according to peak option like in foobar? that is what i'm really hoping for.

i know compressor changes sound and is not liked by audiophiles but it helps in getting perceptually ''louder" output.

the core of the problem is that the player is just quieter than say the stock player with some eq presets on. i'm just trying to make Poweramp as loud as possible on my device without distortion. figured bass compression would help to get a phat bass, while the overall song still being loud.


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