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Need help! please!


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Hello everyonne

I have a problem with my player.

1. Everytime I click on a song in the PLAYLIST it start playing but dont show me when it plays. 

2. When I open a song that i played from the PLAYLIST and want to go back. It takes me to ALL SONGS and not the the PLAYLIST

Here's a video showing the bugs. I would appreciate anyone who could help me solve this problems. (I might have messed up with the settings...)


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Settings > Folders and Library > Lists > List Item Click Action. This should be set to "Play and go to main UI".

The icon to the left of the song title should show the mode that is playing, which in this case should be Playlist (although the skin you are using doesn't seem to be displaying that). Tapping the song title in the Player screen should return you to the same playlist.


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