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Android Car Stereo Head unit Kitkat 4.4


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Dear Sir, wondering if you have a Poweramp app specifically for the Chinese Android Car Head units. I downloaded your trial version today and it sounds so much better than the audio codex that came with the unit. The only problem is there is no control for my subwoofer and there is no fader control.  Would love to have full sub woofer control like volume, polarity switching and frequency. Right now there is no signal going to subwoofer when using your app. I have all 4 speakers getting signal but no fader control. 

This is a expanding market for you. NO one seems to have a app that meets the requirements of these new units.  Again the player they have loaded sounds like garbage compared to the Poweramp.

Thanks Barry 



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I have licenced Poweramp but when I try to use in my chinese android car player (very similar with yours) the sound is awful, I've already disabled the volume control and another settings but the sound stills bad.

When I installed the car media player, Poweramp works flawlessly, very nice, 2 days ago, suddenly, the sound turns SO BAD, I restore with factory settings, installed Poweramp but the sounds are unstable, low and awful.

My unit has EQ (global) and before of this issue, Poweramp sound was affected by EQ (it was sound great) but now EQ doesn't effect, sound poor and low.


I don't understand why Poweramp worked fine 2 days ago and now it can't. The version is the same. I have a Samsung S7 Edge with the same version and it works nicely, as always.

Some suggestions?

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I also hope you will consider supporting these car stereo units.  I have the same issues as BHan.  I recently purchased Poweramp for my Android head unit and it's a huge improvement over all the other players I've tried but I am very disappointed that it won't use the subwoofer outputs.  It is far superior for navigating my media collection but it sounds like crap without the subwoofer.  It would be great if Poweramp would use the subwoofer outputs and allow the user to select band pass frequencies to cross over the subwoofer with the main speakers as well as a separate volume control for the sub.  My device will not upgrade beyond 4.4.  I hope Poweramp will consider supporting a version for these units.

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