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Why can't i use Poweramp over network?


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I set up access to a shared folder on windows using several file managers (currently using Total Commander and FX File Explorer, but i have the same issue with ES Files Explorer, the Asus one and so forth). I can browse to my files fine, but when i try to open them, i'm not given the option to select Poweramp. I can however select other players, such as Foobar, PlayerPro or even the stock player as well as the default player used by the explorer app. 

I then tried to see if can set up Poweramp itself to access the shared folder, but no dice with that either (am i going crazy or was this possible at one point)? 

Using Poweramp Alpha 703, btw. 

I have almost 1.5 TB of music stowed on my PC drive (classical music freak, don't ask). If i can't access my drive this app is kinda useless to me. I was thinking of mounting the shared folder directly with Android but apparently i need root for that, which i don't have. 

Now i suppose it would be too much to hope for an update that adds network capabilities to Poweramp itself (a man can dream though), but why can't i select it when i'm browsing my shared folder? It's not like the stock player has network capabilities either. 


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I can't mount shared folders, because i don't have root on my phone. 

I can however access the shared folder with a file explorer, but i just don't get the option to open the file with Poweramp (but i do with Foobar or any other player). I also can't open music files with Poweramp from the download folder either (which is inside the device, so this is not a network issue). If i download a file from my shared drive, i have to then take it out of the download folder and then it will finally play. 

I assumed this was an issue with the alpha so i reverted back to Poweramp 2 and i get the same problem. 

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