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Improvements/issues noticed [edited topic, since main issue solved]


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Hi all, my compliments for the new alpha release (704)!
I would buy the program, but first I would ask if the following issues can be solved:

1) Does the unlock/buy app works with alpha too?
2) In fullscreen mode the android up bar (clock, signal, etc) still appear, chances to hide that too?
3) The transaction between milkdrop effects doesn't work automatically, I need to chose them manually. Can it be solved?
4) Is it possible to change milkdrop effects manually by pressing the screen in full screen mode? Maybe swipe left (following effect) or right (previous effect) could be a great option.

Thank you, I've a Galaxy S5 with 6.0.1

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Thank you for reply!
2) I can't find this option, I hided controls (put the fade to 0%) but can't hide the bar, and I can't find that option. Maybe it's because I'm using Marshmellow 6.0.1?
3) I set the shuffle on 7 seconds, but it keeps only the one selected. I suppose it's a bug as the point 2)

I would notice other bugs/issues/suggestions:
5) I'm using big aac files with up to 6 hours of music, with such big file seeking pressing >> or << button hangs between current time and time -20 seconds (using <<), so it's useless. Working with normal/small files upp to 1,5 hours (as I tried).
6) may you please introduce a visualizer like Winamp thin fire lines? There is only one "linear/classic visualization" option with thin lines but looks works only in bass frequencies, and the extended one has medium thick bars.
7) May you please dd a button (hided) in full screen to keep always on the light? Or eventually in settings (we can force screen off by pressing power button)
8) At the moment when in full screen one click on screen produce "Poweramp black screen with controls", it would be better to see the commands appear in transparency.
9) maybe activate the milkdrop pushing on the Poweramp logo (as well as switch it off when pressing in the middle of the screen twice) would be appreciable.
10) an easier empty field on top of the "playlist" (or folder files summary) to quickly search for the favourite song (actually needed to press the menu on right bottom and click find)
11) when rotated horizontally the seeking bar become smallr then vertical position, a bit absurd, would be useful to have a full horizontal sized seek bar, useful on files of many hours as I have.

Hope u appreciate my contribution :)


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12) I would also add an easier way to introduce delay to visualization and syncronize it with audio, Now we can just guess, go to the menu (many sub menu) and change, see and then correct. A regulation slider that overlays the visualizaton would be great

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Ok, I got some points myslef, thank you for help. * means achieved.

1*) Ok
2*) Yes, found and set, thanks
3*) auto change milkdrop effect: still stuck in the one selected, how to overcome?
4) swipe left-right ot up-down (better) to visualize next milkdrop: since both are used for track change, you may use up/down for effect.
5*) Seeking with << on big files: Today works, maybe there is a bug but is noticiable in particular conditions (maybe too much RAM used? For example), today it was ok. I never happened more
6) Winamp thin file spectrum: I hope u'll introduce it as a small standard eq (works even if the visualization of milkdrop is set to off)
7*) Display always on: I found that too
8*) Ok, they appear if I click on bottom, avoid click on center.
9) Activate milkdrop by one push: please make it easy to activate/deactivate by a single press, thanks
10) Easy find button to search next track: very useful, I have many songs and often I'm looking for a particular one.
11) long seek horizontal bar: very important, thanks.
12) easy sincronization visualization/audio slider: it's really welcome.

Thank you

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3) solved, there was the simbol of locker, not that intuitive at first look, and I could change it to switch every X seconds to another milkdrop.
13) I would add the request to chose between effects the ones I like, avoid to visualize the ones I don't care. A good way culd be "visualize 5 stars rated effects only", so you will give a good reason to rate every effect.

Thank you

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14) After enabling the "always turn on display" it looks the phone can't turn it off even when the Poweramp is in background or even closed. The only way is to press the power button.
It's an issue that drain out quicly the battery

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15) when I hide the up android bar for having a visualizer pure fullscreen the bar hides also in the Poweramp frontend, I would like to see it there, and hide it on visualization effect fullscreen only. Thanks

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16) Once the android up bar (clock-battery-etc) is set to hide (to don't see it in visualization fullscreen), it is not shown more within Poweramp: I would like to see it on main screen to check battery, time and so on, but hide it on visualization.

17) PRIORITY: on the library/playlist I can't see only the TAG infos instread of filename. Honestly I use only filename to order and classify music, sometime it happens there are some TAGS and incomplete, then for example I can see all files with  the "Singer" name but no name of the song, and I've to open them manually to check it. I want the program show only filename and avoid to read TAGS. How to? There is no options.
Thank you

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16) If you hide the status bar, it is hidden. That's what the option is meant to do.h

17) First you say you want to see the tag info, and not filenames as you only use filenames for ordering your music. Then you say you want the program to "show only filename and avoid to read tags". Not sure which you actually want... ? You can use folder/filenames for sorting (in Folders mode) but still see the correct artist/title/album info in the displayed lists.

This would be easier if you didn't post so many different items in one thread, the ones at the start will probably not get noticed now.


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Thank you for answering, ok I'm going to report periodically in the end the issue I noticed/still present and improvements I consider important to introduce.

16) I would like to hide it only during fullscreen of effect visualization, and see it in all the other. Actually I can only enable to all screens or diasable it.

17) Maybe I explain myself wrong. Actually I use the filename to classify/order music in all my archives, I don't care if there are tags inside the files, sometimes there are (and I don't know), sometimes not. Poweramp probably order songs by filename but display the playlist visualizing the tag (and not the filename). I've unfortunately some tracks with tags and partial ones, only the artist, so I see in list for example only:

I don't know what song they are. I would like to avoid completely reading tag, and that Poweramp manage only finenames.
Thank you


4) swipe left-right or up-down (better) to visualize next milkdrop: since both are used for track change now, you may use up/down for visualization effect manual change.
6) Winamp thin file spectrum in effect visualizer: I hope u'll introduce it as a small standard eq (works even if the visualization of milkdrop is set to off)
9) Activate milkdrop by one push: please make it easy to activate/deactivate by a single press he visualization, possibly to full screen mode. Is it possible by pressing the center of the screen? thanks
11) long seek bar in horizontal screen rotation, now it's so small and I've files of 5-6hours of music: very important, thanks.
12) for better accuracy, and easy sincronization visualization/audio ms delay slider shown directly in trasparent over the effect, now wehave to guess the mx + or - and enter on settings to change: it's really welcome.
13) I would visualize only the visualization effects I like, avoid to visualize the ones I don't care. A good way culd be rate them and "visualize 5 stars rated effects only" option, in this way you will also give a good reason to rate every effect and upload those preferences to you (collecting data).
14) After enabling the "always turn on display" it looks the dispay won't turn off even if Poweramp is now in background. The only way to put screen off  is to press the power button. you may consider a creen always on only when the Poweramp window is active.
15) SOLVED: Sorry, it's a copy of 16

18) after searching a file, and play it: would be nice to play as nex tracks only the folder where is located that file. At this moment it play all the files recognized in all folders. Reasons: I created a folder for every kind of music.
19) When it' about to chose manually to play track I click on file name in the main window of the track that is playing.. and it opens the playlist, then after I chose I press the "back android key" and instead of going directly to main window it goes to library, then pressing again to main screen. Library it's a step not necessary and a bit boring.
20) it's possible to implement effects copying directly winamp presets .milk?


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16) That is how it works at present, the status bar is either hidden or not, it can't be selected for certain screens only.

17) If there are any tags present, they will be used in the songs lists. If there is not even a Title tag, the filename will be used instead (and Artist and Album will be shown as Unknown). You could use a batch tag editor to wipe out the tag contents for your whole music collection in one go if you like, but that does seem rather drastic in case you ever want them. 

19) Use the small 'Play' icon on the right of the Folders/Library tabs line, that will take you directly back to the Player UI.

20) Yes, you can copy .milk preset files over for Poweramp to use. Copy to /Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/milk_presets/ and rescan the presets if the new ones don't show up.


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Thank you for answering:
16) yes it's how is now, but I'm asking to introduce the feature in future where is possible to hide it only for fullscreen visualization. I suppose the bar is useful everywhere, but weeing it on visualization full screen is weird. Maybe developers share it.

17) Yes I can connect USB and remove by a special software all the tags of files, it will take some time with risk the files going corrupted (it happened in past) and possible that in future I'll face again the issue. I'm asking to developers if it's possible to introduce "ignore tags" button and use only filenames. I also guess it can be useful (half or more people usually don't deal with TAGS and they may contain uncorrected datas, resulting difficult to find files)

19) SOLVED then, thanks!
20) SOLVED, I'll try! :)

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21) when about edit "tempo" it's almost impossible to set 1.01, the round potentiometer is too sensible to touch, I could set only 1.02. Even at 1.02 the increase is really noticiable, I would have the chance to have smaller steps, if possible, like 1.005. Please add the chance to set the offset, or a + and - buttons for fine tuning,
thank you

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