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Verifying Purchase Issue


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I do not always have my phone connected to the internet when I'm away from home; work, gym, and out & about are the times I don't but ironically these are the times I use Poweramp to listen to music. And because of this I've had this issue quite a few times.

What happens is that I'd be listening to music and everything's great, then once a track finishes it simply doesn't play the next. I look at my phone and it says 'Too many files failed, will stop now' which is misleading because there's nothing wrong with the tracks at all, Poweramp has randomly decided to try and verify that i've bought it - it can't get access to the internet so it just stops playing music. And even if I enable my internet it still wont verify it unless I close & reopen it, when it's finally all working again it goes to a completely random track, not the last one I played :angry:

This is so frustrating, it should wait untill there's an internet connection - if there's not been one after a few days THEN it can harass me.

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