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More than one equalizer preset on the same output.


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Hi. I apologize for my poor English and if this question has already been made.

First, congratulations for the great application, it was my first purchase on the market from

the early versions and since then has only improved :D

I greatly appreciate the equalizer presets and I like to have more than one on the same input.

I make an example: I use Poweramp both with headphones, and in car through the aux

connector and the settings have to be be different in the two cases, even if the input is always

the 3.5" jack. Perhaps the application could simply open a popup (if it encounters more

than one preset on the same input) which provides a rapid choice (in this case headphones

or car). I believe that mine is a fairly common scenario that could be appreciated by many,

even if it is not actualy a major drawback to manually change the preset ;)

Thank you for your attention, I hope in this small addition and look forward to more themes

(very much appreciated) and crossfader (I've read that the this two are already planned).

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Thanks for the feedback and request.

Unfortunately, for 3.5 connection, any headset/other device is the same for hardware/os and PowerAMP - there is no way to distinguish between them.

BT headsets can be actually distinguished this way, but not wired headsets.

The popup for preset on wired headset connection is not better than just quick preset selection.


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