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Bluetooth autoplay on Marshmallow not working

Shaun Burrows

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Since upgrading to Marshmallow the "resume on bluetooth connect" no longer works unless Poweramp is open.

It is likely due to the power saving features of marshmallow which basically stop apps that haven't been used in a while.

Has no one else had this problem? Any ideas to fix it?

I'm using a Note 3 with a Note 5 based custom rom.

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I enabled "Keep Service" in tweaks if that's what you mean.

I also turned off any Marshmallow "Doze" power optimisations for Poweramp.

The Bluetooth autoplay still doesn't work.

I also use an app called Overlays to overlay the Poweramp widget over Google Maps for control when driving, and the buttons (play etc) don't work if Poweramp is not open. I can still click the top of the widget to open Poweramp however. I'm not sure if this is related, but I thought I would mention it.

Does anyone else have Marshmallow? Any similar issues? Am I the only one?


Basically Poweramp needs updating to work with Marshmallow. Marshmallow has been out over 6 months now, so hopefully a new version is on the way?

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