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Custom audio loop (loop from A to B)


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Hey there, 

I love the app as is, pretty cool. One thing that I saw on another player is the ability to set custom loops. You select a start point anywhere in the song (let's say 1:23) and then you let the song continue or fast forward until you choose a stop point (3:21). After setting the second point the audio plays on repeat from 1:23 to 3:21. 

This is great for those, like myself, who love to hear one part of a song (I.e solo, intro etc..) over and over. For workouts this is great too cause some workout songs have an intro that isn't fast paced like the rest of the song. I work out to fast paced stuff, and I hate putting on repeat just to have the slow intro play everytime. It ruins the vibe. It would be awesome just to loop the fast paced part of the song.



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