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Feture Requests & Thank You : )


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First, your app is amazing. Android needed a good music app, and this one seems to be better then the rest I have tried. Music being played out of the phones speaker now sounds much better. The widgets look great (simple & clean, thank you!) and provide just the right options. Suggestions are as follows:

A playlist button on the widgets. The two extra folder buttons on the widget are no longer there when I switched from playing tracks in folders to playlists. I would love to see those two buttons on the widget which are there in folder view also there in playlist view, but used cycle back and forward through your different playlists.

It would be nice to see a shuffle button too on the widget to shuffle the current folder/playlist.

I would love an option to use visualizations instead of album artwork. Being able to full screen visualizations would be nice too. I often hook up my Droid X to HDTV's using the HDMI out (and Real HDMI App) then output music to the TV's speakers. Trippy flashing colors, patterns, tunnels, designs, etc through visualizations would look great. See: http://www.winamp.com/visualizations I would love to see several different options.

This next one may require a bug fix from google. Android (STILL) can't display ID3v2 Genre tags correctly. We are stuck with the old ID3v1.1 Tagging which has premade genres and does not allow for custom tagging in the genre field. Ironically, ID3v2 came out back in the late 90's well before Android was even a conceptual design.

The lock screen really needs a swipe to unlock instead of a single button before it can replace the default phone lock screen. The button is just to easy to accidentally press which prevents using the apps option to replace its lock screen w/o using the default one too. No need for redundancy if the button changes to a swipe type unlock (like the Android system one, iPhone, etc)

The lock screen would be even better if you could select playlists.

I would love an option to have the app automatically power down itself in event of low battery. This could be an option setting where the user can pick a certain phone battery level the app automatically shuts it self down.

Gapless playback, crossfade songs, and a volume level check option (to playback all songs at the same volume, even if one mp3 is louder then the other one) would be great.

Lastly an Exit button in the setting menu to shut the app down completely. I hat leaving apps running when not in use. Task killing it is a PITA.

Thats all I can think of for now. Keep up the great work!

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