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I am running the latest beta build of Poweramp, and these are some bugs I have noticed. I am running on a LG G Stylo (A low end device that has run Poweramp flawlesly). While playing music, mainly in podcasts, the sound slows down to the lowest possible playback speed about 6-7 minuites in. With the lockscreen built in to the application, I have noticed that certain Album Art appears stretched twoards the top of the screen. The visualizer works great, except for random times when it freezes up for 5 or 6 seconds then resumes.


Thank you for reading through this, and I would appreciate some feedback as this is my first post. 


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When you say the audio slows down after 6-7 minutes, is this with the screen awake or asleep? Could the device be entering a low power sleep mode? Try enabling Wakelock in Settings > Misc > Tweaks and see if that helps.


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