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Shuffle all be more shuffled and random

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I buy and rip a lot of CD's. I leave the player on shuffle all the vast majority of using it. I only ever hear like the same 100-200 songs out of my 3500.

I could skip through and get close to predicting the next song I think I've maybe hit the limit of this seed or something.

It's all Fischer Yates like or something. I want the shuffle to be all inclusive and not repeating.  I want a reshuffle randomizing option too. 

Data genetics has a very well written blog post about shuffling and I know it works quickly because I've tried it myself. 


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Shuffle should be completely random, and if you use the shuffle All Songs option, everything in the library should be shuffled (even if you have 1000s of songs). If you completely stop Shuffled playback and restart it later after listening to other stuff, a newly randomised list of all songs will be created. It should not contain any duplicates within the current order. but it could include some songs that you heard during previous random sessions.


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