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Chromecast Audio support

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It is confirmed that Chromecast and DLNA support is on Max's to-do list. As you I hope it's somewhere on top of that list. I'm quite sure it will boost popularity of Poweramp since it's all about streaming to anywhere in your house nowadays. Sure hope Max will get to this any day now. We just have to be patient, since we know he will come through.

In the mean time, those who use Chromecast can use the mirror device function in Google home. Not ideal for audio since it degrades audio quality quite a bit, so let's put our trust in Max. Still, better than nothing...

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@maxmp when you're at that point of your to do list that you're looking into Chromecast/DLNA support it might be helpful to look into hifi cast. More info can be found here: https://groups.google.com/forum/m/#!categories/hi-cast-help-forum

It's what I use at home untill Poweramp supports Chromecast. Although the rest of the Hifi Cast is so so, the streaming works as no other app I've tried so far.  it's the only app I've tried so far that has an option to keep the device connected to the Chromecast, which is the only way apparently that make gapless playback work on Chromecast. 

Anyway, might be of interest floor development.

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12 hours ago, maxmp said:


U the legend @maxmp thx for the Chromecast support 😍😍😍

I know that I'm asking a bit much but I think that adding a lyrics option in Chromecast would be awesome 😏😉

I know that ur busy it can be in the least priority. Still thanks for Chromecast support 😍

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