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Exclude duplicates of tracks in albums

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It would be nice to have an option that allows to skip duplicates of tracks in Library -> Albums.

For example, I have an artist full album and a separate track from this album in some compilation. In this case, the track will be duplicated in the list of album tracks.

> Music
--> compilation
----> ArtistName - TrackTitle
----> another_track_0
----> another_track_1
----> ...
--> ArtistName
----> AlbumTitle
------> 01. TrackTitle
------> 02. ...

As a result:

> Library
--> Albums
----> AlbumTitle
------> TrackTitle
------> TrackTitle
------> ...


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You can remove duplicate entries from Playlists, but only if they refer to the same physical file, not just one which happens to have a similar name in another folder.


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