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Old Robert

Album tracks sometimes out of order

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All of my music starts on CD's then is ripped to my PC in wma format and then is transferred to my phone by album. The tracks in most albums are in the correct order but some get put into alphabetic order. This happens even when the track number is part of the track title.  If I look at the files of the albums that are out of order in a file explorer I can see the track number in the title but it does not appear in the title as shown in Poweramp. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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You are probably asking PA to sort songs by using the Title tags for album playback. When you are viewing the list of songs within an album, press Menu > List Options and choose either By Track# (if all of your songs are correctly tagged with track numbers) or By Filename (if all of your filenames include the track number as the first two digits).


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