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Tasker intent to select a playlist

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I asked elsewhere but think it may be in the wrong forum as no response.

Does anyone know how to select a playlist using a tasker intent? I can start and stop Poweramp, but not select a specific playlist.

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On 27/08/2016 at 10:45 AM, Koumal said:


Do you find the way to launch Poweramp playlist from tasker ?



I've found a way to interrogate the current playlist in Poweramp V3 (through Tasker), and then if it needs changing send an intent (through Tasker) to change it. If anyone is still interested in how to do it let me know and I'll post the actions...



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I can get playlists to run, but it stays in the playlist. Do you know how to bring it back to the player view after the playlist is selected? 

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I'd like to come back to this topic...

I installed and registered Poweramp especially for being able to start it with a designated playlist and I want it to play from the beginning of the playlist.

Unfortunately, all the examples did not really help me. I checked the command reference in the java api, I tried to use these examples.

I have only one playlist which was created with Poweramp.

Regardless what combination of ending parameters in


I use with command 20, I get random results. Rarely it starts or resumes the playlist or it plays anything else.

I tried


all without success. Which content parameter do I need to start a specific playlist created with Poweramp with the first title of the playlist?

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