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Can sort folders by filename, but not tracks?


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My music is organized in folders.  Great, because Poweramp can show my music by folders.  but if I open a folder, the tracks are all sorted by the track title, not the file name.  Not even by the track number in the ID3.  The tracks are all out of order.  Why not sort the songs in a folder by the FILE name, rather than the ID3 tag track title?  or sort them by the track number, per the ID3?  It literally makes zero sense to pick something that in no way signifies the track order when usually the track order is indicated by the FILE name or the track number.

I've tried in vain to find a way to sort songs by file name, or sort them by track number, but all I get are the songs all listed in alphabetical order... 

Any help?  Please tell me that somewhere there's a setting I've missed to use folders mode, but then have the songs follow the same logic as folders mode, i.e., listed by file name.

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