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Audio volume fluctuation when turning it up/down

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Version 588, official, from Play Store. BQ Aquaris A4.5 phone, Android 6.0.0, Stock ROM.

I'm sorry I didn't notified this before, because even though I noticed it just after installing version 588 I thought it was a problem with my headset, not with Poweramp.

The problem is simple: when I turn the volume up or down, it fluctuates sometimes a bit before settling. For example, let's say I'm listening music at certain volume X. If I turn the volume UP one "click", the volume drops BELOW X and then goes up to the definite level. If I'm at volume X and I turn the volume DOWN one "click", the volume drops BELOW  the desired level and then goes a bit up to the proper level.

This happens when crossfading, too: the old song slowly fades into the new song (correctly) but when the new song's volume is going up, at certain point which I can't determine the volume goes down again and then goes up again.

This happens using a headset, headphones and even the smartphone internal speaker.

I don't know if all this is caused by some setting I've activated, but when I disable DVC, the problem disappears. It comes back when I activate DVC again. Yes, I can live without DVC, but one of the main reasons why I use Poweramp is sound quality, if I can't use DVC, I lose some of that.

As I told, this didn't happen in previous versions, at least I didn't notice it, and given that now is VERY noticeable and I'm using the same headphones, I bet it didn't happen before.

Max if you need more information, just ask.

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