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I'm not sure if the alpha release is cause the issue, or last.FM app but for some reason scrobbles just do not appear at all. I have tried both official and simple lastfm apps, and a combination of checking off both either or none of the boxes within the scrobbling options of Poweramp itself. Within the official lastfm app, if I check other music players, current songs being played will show as a notification, and as now playing but they never scrobble. I don't know if this is an alpha problem or not, but that's the version I am using so I'm putting this here. Any help would be appreciated

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I agree with Andre. I suspect you are NOT MEANT to have anything ticked or enabled in Poweramp's Scrobbling settings, SO LONG AS you have the Last.fm app installed. It even says in the Last.fm app that shouldn't have multiple sources ticked / enabled. 

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Max has stated it should be restored by the final release of PA v3, but you are right that he didn't feel it was a big enough issue to correct in the audio-engine test builds. If scrobbling is vital to you, please go back to using the the stable release rather than the alpha-test versions.


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